Dodge Ram 48RE Master Rebuild Kit - Alto Red Eagle Power Pack & Sonnax Upgrades

Dodge Ram 48RE Master Rebuild Kit - Alto Red Eagle Power Pack & Sonnax Upgrades

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Dodge Ram 48RE Transmission Master Rebuild Kit with Alto Red Eagle Power Packs & Sonnax Upgrades

by Phoenix Transmission Parts.

for Dodge RAM 2500 and 3500 -- 2003 to 2007 5.9L Cummins Diesel applications.

This kit includes:

(3) Alto Red Eagle Power Packs
(10) Alto Red Eagle Overdrive Direct Frictions
(9) Overdrive Direct Kolene Steels
Gasket and Seal Overhaul Kit
High Performance Kevlar Flex Band
Metal and Plastic Filter
Dimpled Brass Pump Bushing
3-4 Accumulator Piston Spring
Sonnax Heavy Duty Kickdown Band Strut 22825-01
Sonnax Heavy Duty 300MM Input Shaft with Piston Kit 22121B-02K
Sonnax 2nd Gear Super Servo Kit 22301B-01K
Sonnax Billet Accumulator Piston Kit 22841-04K

Alto# 028755 Front Power Pack Contents:

(7) 028742A155 (.061” 1.55mm) Red Eagle Friction Plates

(6) 028701K (.068” / 1.72mm) Kolene Steel Plates

(2) 028701K216 (.085” / 2.15mm) Kolene Steel Plates

(1) 028761X (.170 / 4.32mm) Pressure Plate

Alto# 028756A Rear Power Pack Contents:

(4) 028748-160 (.63” / 1.60mm, 93 Teeth) Red Eagle Friction Plates

(3) 028701K (.068” / 1.73mm) Kolene Steel Plates

(1) 028252-060 (.060” / 1.50mm) Snap Ring

(1) 028252-074 (.074” / 1.88mm) Snap Ring

Alto# 028757 Overdrive Brake Clutch Power Pack

(7) 027746-165 (.065” / 1.65mm) Red Eagle Friction Plates

(7) 027723K (.068” / 1.73mm) Kolene Steel Plates

(1) 027763A Stepped Bottom Pressure Plate

Gasket and Seal Overhaul Kit included paper and rubber gaskets, lip seals, metal clad seals, sealing rings, o-rings, and molded rubber pan gasket.

These Chrysler applications used in performance applications often bend or break the kickdown band strut. To eliminate this problem, Sonnax offers this heavy duty kickdown band strut 22825-01. Extra thick cross section for maximum toughness. Solid heat treated steel will not bend or break like stamped struts.

Accumulator Piston Kit 22841-04K
Aluminum Piston
Scarf-cut Seal PTFE, Large
Scarf-cut Seal PTFE, Small
D-ring rubber, large
D-ring rubber, small
OE plastic accumulators in listed Chrysler units are prone to breaking and have poor sealing qualities. Metal rings offered with aftermarket accumulators also have sealing issues. The improved design and material of Sonnax accumulator piston kit eliminates cross-leaks between circuits.
16% more apply area for more band holding power
Rubber D-rings for superior sealing
PTFE guide seal prevents case wear from piston contact
Anodized billet aluminum piston for improved durability
2nd Gear Super Servo 22301B-01K

Retaining Ring
Seals Seal Rings - 5
O-Rings - 3
Sonnax 2nd gear super hold servo kit is the largest and most leak free servo available for Dodge Chrysler 46RH 46RE 47RH 47RE 48RE and A727 units. It reduces the need for agressive lever ratios, excessively high line pressure and other radical modifications to achieve firmer shifts. Sonnax's exclusive servo design features rubber and PTFE seals that enhance positive sealing and prevent case wear. The overall result is more holding force in 2nd, firmer 1-2 shifts and 2-3 shifts that become firmer under load.
Easy to install servo improves 1-2 & 2-3 shifts
16% more apply area for more band holding power
15% less leakage than other designs
Anodized Aluminum for increased durability

Smart-Tech High Capacity 300M Steel Input Shaft & Piston Kit 22121B-02K

INPUT SHAFT FEATURES: Heavy Duty, One Piece design eliminates weak connection between input shaft and forward (direct) clutch hub. Custom forged from ultra-high strength 300M steel 23 tooth input spline, 62 tooth clutch spline. Can be used with OE seals.

PISTON KIT FEATURES: Direct Clutch Piston with Anti-Rotation TabsSteel Clutch Plate .068" with missing lugsKit increases direct clutch capacity by 20%No change to backing plate thickness or retaining ring

DESCRIPTION: Designed for hard working Dodge A618, 47RH, 47RE and 48RE units, Sonnax heavy duty input shaft comes with durability and performance features which are second to none. Instead of the OE two piece shaft/hub design, the Sonnax shaft uses a much stronger, one piece design that combines the input shaft and forward clutch hub, eliminating the weak connection between the two. The Sonnax shaft itself is custom forged from ultra high-strength 300M steel to allow the internal grain structure of the steel to follow the general shape of the part, improving shaft strength. The Smart-Tech high capacity input shaft and piston kit has a hub with longer direct (front) clutch splines. Combining longer splines with a thinner billet aluminum direct piston allows for one extra (OE thickness) direct friction plate, while keeping the OE thickness steels, backing plate, OE waved retaining ring and OE clutch clearances.

Some common aftermarket modifications designed to include extra clutches require reduced steel thickness and decrease the heat absorption capacity of the clutch pack, others reduce clearance and eliminate the waved retaining ring, which contributes to excessive 2-3 shift overlap. This kit avoids these problems by increasing the number of frictions from 5 to 6, adding to the steel mass of the clutch pack, and maintaining the OE thickness backing plate and clearances for the optimum combination of increased capacity and durability.