6T70 6T75 Transgo Pressure Regulator Kit Valve Body Kit 2007-2012

6T70 6T75 Transgo Pressure Regulator Kit Valve Body Kit 2007-2012

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SK 6T70-A

SHIFT KIT Valve Body Repair Kit
Fits 6T70, 6T75 GEN1 2007-12
with pressure switches

Features and benefits:

The kit includes a new drop-in AFL valve system. The furnished bushing and valve will restore the AFL function using the existing worn bore. For the TCC regulator valve, a drop-in hardened steel valve with re-positioned longer land that uses a scarf cut sealing ring so that it can seal in the original worn bore. Similarly, a new design PR valve with longer lands restores the function and reliability of the line PR system. In addition, a new relief system that replaces the OE isolator valve line-up protects against pressure over boost preventing expensive hard part damage. Lastly, the kit includes new rubber grommets and diaphragms to renew the TEHCM pressure switches.

  • Erratic or hunting TCC
  • Broken parts due to over boost
  • Codes P0741, P0742, P0751, P0752, P0756, P0757, P0776, P0777, P0796, P0797, P0842, P0843, P0872, P0873, P0877, P0878, P0989, P0990, P2714, P2715, P2723 and P2724
  • Drop-in USA-made hardened steel PR valve and spring
  • USA-made hardened steel AFL valve
  • Drop-in USA-made steel AFL bushing
  • AFL valve spring, spacer and retainer
  • Drop-in USA-made hardened steel TCC regulator valve
  • TCC regulator valve scarf cut sealing ring, spring and O-ring
  • Drop-in pressure relief bushing, spring, ball and retainer
  • TCC control valve spring and retainer
  • (5) Pressure switch diaphragms
  • (5) Pressure switch rubber grommets